TEDOC INDUSTRIES was registered as Propriety Limited in 2010.

In order for you to get clarity on who you and your company / institution is trading with, TEDOC simply stands for Trading with Emma and Doctor. The Company is owned by Emma and Doctor Jiyane and they are the Executive Directors and co-founders of TEDOC, along with Albert Schmidlin a Non-Executive Director.


TEDOC HR Solutions' vision is: To be a leader and the only choice payroll administration, and labour outsourcing & placement company in our chosen market.


TEDOC HR Solutions' mission is: To provide a Professional and outstanding service to our clients and perform our duties in an honest manner to both our primary clients (Employees) and our Secondary clients (the companies/ clients that contract us and the statutory bodies as well as the unions alike).


TEDOC HR Solution's Core Values are and has always been to: Deliver Excellent Staff Outsourcing, Payroll administration and HR/IR services, thus ensuring a positive vision and relationship for the future of TEDOC HR Solutions and for our clients and customers.

TEDOC HR Solutions is committed to a comprehensive database which has potential candidates, especially in the Engineering, Administration and Safety fields, thus sustaining the future of our clients and ourselves as a BBBEE, Level 2 Company within this growing market.

We will ensure that our clients have access to multi-talented, trained, safety conscious and experienced employees. It is our utmost aim to ensure that all our employees are remunerated accordingly and are happy at all times thus contributing to an acceptable productivity level at workplace.


Johannes Doctor Jiyane

– Managing Director

Lindiwe Emma Jiyane

– Chief Executive Officer

Albert Schmidlin

– Financial Director

Company Structure

TEDOC operates at construction, industrial and mining sites.

We are a full BBBEE Level 2 company.

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